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Most girls dream about one day going to Paris, France from the first movie they watch such as Funny Face, Moulin Rouge, Amelie, The Dreamers and many more; it captures them. Though they’ve never been, though they’ve never touched or seen it up close, Paris seduced them and makes them fall in love. Fall in love with the idea of beauty, love, art, romance, flings, fashion, cigarettes, heels, red lipstick and the life of a parisian woman. All they wish for is to experience something more, to feel something greater then ever before.

I, Erlinda Goldie 24 year old young lady got to experience the life of a parisian and the dreams of  most young girls out there.

As I land at the airport I don’t feel as though it was real. I realized that I was in France when strangers around me started speaking a language that I couldn’t seem to comprehend. Then it hit me…… Wow I’m in France , I am where every girl has dreamt of going since they feel in love with it’s beautiful city, Paris.

I lived in Paris for a year and even thought I didn’t experiences all the amazing things Paris had to offer I have to say Paris seduced me in a level I never thought possible. Paris doesn’t seduce women with fake promises, false hopes and money. It seduces us by simply being it’s beautiful old self. By letting us bring out a part of ourself that we knew we had but didn’t quite know how to let out. It’s not our wild side nor our romantic side it’s a side that makes us feel a little braver then normal, more adventures then ever before, and a style of gracefulness and class comes over us. It’s no longer about how we’ve viewed ourself back home but how we wish to view ourself in this beautiful city called Paris.

As I walk through the streets of Paris I saw how Paris was oozing with art and culture. I heard music on the streets, saw lovers walking hand in hand with smiles on their faces, smelt the yummy freshly baked goods from the bakeries and passed by cafe’s filled with people looking out onto the streets, people watching while drinking their coffee and conversing with friends/loved once and/or co-works. As I start to look at people all around me, I began to notice their style. No matter if they were a rocker, goth, fashionista or just an average plain Jane, they all found a way to combine everything together to make it look timeless and sheeck. No mater what, they had a sense of style and they knew what worked best for them.

When you go shopping you stop looking at clothes that you were once comfortable wearing back home, but started looking at clothes that not only made you feel new but made you feel like you had arrived at a point in your life that change is no longer hard to do but easy to achieve. It makes you want to explore your body and dress it up to show off your curves with elegance and posh. You wanted to look the best you could for pretty much everything you were doing, even if it’s was just grocery shopping or doing laundry.

I don’t know what it is about Paris but it really puts you in a trance whether you wish for it or not. It’s surreal how much I changed. I like to think I’ve changed for the better and have grown as a lady and became more of a women. Paris has been a good thing that I experienced in my life and I hope other women out there really enjoy it as much as I did.

Put that nice black dress on, heels and red lipstick and have a blast in a city that will make love to you like you’ve always fantasised.

Here are some self-portraits of myself while in Paris. Enjoy xox :)

A Young Lady In Paris France

The reality of pursuing photography in a new foreign country that you don’t speak the language to is difficult. I moved to Paris, France a year ago, it was the most exciting and thrilling thing I had ever done in my life. I had and still have the dream of my work becoming something big, something people can love or hate, something that can move people in any way possible.

Paris is one of the cities to be when you want to pursue photography as your career. Now as much as Paris has all the things you need to “make it” it also has A LOT of walls for you to break through or clam over (which ever way you wish to make your entrance). Not to mention coming from a smaller city where photography wasn’t as big, the competition is a lot greater and better here (no offense to my fellow photographers back home). So you have to make sure you can sell yourself well. Photography is your business if you can’t market yourself then you will have a problem.

Here is how my experience was when I lived there.

  • When thinking of moving to a new country make sure you know the language, understand it a little or at least be good at languages so its easy for you to pick up. (Something I lacked in)
  • Be prepared to be doing a lot of paper work if you are not a citizen or part of the European Union. France is known for its crazy paper work but its even worse for out siders. (It’s not as easy as you think moving to another part of the world)
  • Once you’re going through the proses of getting your living/working papers in order you will have time to build your new portfolio because even though your old portfolio got you in the door you need a new one to keep you in the room. So do your research and contact every agency in town and ask to meet with them.
  • Start going to parties, mingle with people. This wont be as hard because a lot of people in the entertainment/fashion industry speak english and a lot of them are just like you or were once just like you and can usually help you out.
  • While everything sounds pretty simple so far and somewhat the same as it was for you back home to start in photography you have to remember, while you are doing all these things you aren’t working! So all your savings are flowing like water from a tap and it wont stop till your paper work is in order and that will take a good 4-7 months (shorter time if you start meeting people and they share loop holes or have connections)
  • Make sure you create a budget as soon as you can when you come to a new country, you will need it and you must  live by it if you wish to survive. At some point you will realize you need a part time job (good luck with that).

When I was back home in Toronto, Canada I was oblivious when it came to “making it.”  Sure you hear it from many people, friends and acquaintances saying it isn’t always about the talent and the photographs you produce its about  ”WHO YOU KNOW.” Moving to Paris makes you realize that those people were right. Connections are the key to successes, it’s true, it matters who you know and who ever says otherwise is lying.

So if you are an outgoing person and friendly and can mingle and connect with people pretty easily you will

a) have a good and easy time making friends/connections


b) find it hard to be in a new environment that even though people are friendly they don’t really have an interest in making new friends since they are happy with the friends they already have.

I have noticed that Parisians stick together and also have a lot of friends that they have known since they were babies. You will think its the same everywhere you go and I agree it is but here it’s extreme. From what I’ve notice and from what others have shared with me, Parisians aren’t that interested in making new friends. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of great English, Canadian and US pubs and restaurants here that you will meet people just like you. You will make friends in time don’t be discouraged.

A lot of my friends back home were asking me how Paris treating me, while I was there and how much did I enjoy it? In all honesty as beautiful as Paris was, I missed  home. Who wouldn’t right? Paris does have it’s beauty and inspiration but it didn’t have all the people that you have grown with as an individual and also as a photographer.

At the end of the day my dream of becoming a photographer was slowly coming to life, it will take awhile before anything comes together. Everything takes time and for those that are inpatient (like myself) will have a hard time believing anything good will come out of it. Don’t let it get to you and make sure you don’t forget why you moved in the first place. As long as that dream is still strong you can do it.

Here are some photographs I’ve done while I lived in Paris. Enjoy :)



On August 26th I arrived in Athens, Greece the place I once called home when I was a child. I was mostly excited but also kind of scared because well, last time I was there was in May of 1996 when I was just 8 years old. Change is always hard to handle and the unknown is always a bit frightening. My husband and I were in awe when we were on the bus from Tirana to Athens, seeing all the beautiful landscapes and travelling by the ocean. We stayed in Athens for two weeks. We didn’t get to see many things unfortunately because we were busy with a lot of paperwork and figuring out the next travel plans to Paris as well as visiting model agencies for future jobs. We did get to see the Acropolis but from a far. Athens is a place that we will visit again in the future so we weren’t worried about seeing all its beauty on this trip.

As time flew by, we noticed that we hadn’t shot anything in ages so I got in touch with a young talented photographer named Thanos Houtos who helped us out with organising a shoot for us. He arranged a stylist and a make-up artist to meet up with us so we could talk over ideas. He also figured out which models were in town and available and arranged the model for the shoot. We were lucky to have him co-ordinate and put it all together. It was like having a local producer and really made our lives easier.

Here are the photos I did from that shoot. Enjoy

The team:

So I’ve been in Tirana, Albania for a little over two months and I have to say I am not thrilled about it but I am trying to make the best out of it. I’ve been going out with my cousin trying to enjoy myself as much as possible till my husband comes. I’ve been also keeping busy by looking for work and just shooting for who every is willing to hire me :)

So I was hired by a magazine here in Tirana called ANABEL. I did a swim suit editorial for them in Durres. Check out the photos. There will be many more to come since I am in the talks with a few other magazines to work with them freelance! YAY!!

Hope you like them (Please note the Cover is not shot by me Photographed by: Geljant Kaleci

I’ve been published in Supplementaire Magazine. Its a UK magazine and its also print 300 pages.
Hope you enjoy! :)

Supplementaire Magazine

May 12, 2010

These photos I’ve posted up are of a shoot I did in April before I left Canada. I got to shoot with one of my favourite stylists Jamie Rae (she is amazing). We shot outdoors and with my luck not only did it rain but it also hailed. Thank you Canada for your unpredictable weather. The model was a trooper. She still rocked the shoot with the little amount of clothing she had on lol.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed creating them :)

Make-up: Floe and Stylist: Jamie Rae

Last Shoot In Canada

May 11, 2010

I’ve been in Tirana, Albania for the past 11 days and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of its true beauty that this unrecognised country has. Albania has so much potential as a country and many amazing things it has to offer, but it will never become well known nor be a part of the European Union unless the Albanian people change their way of living and most of all their way of thinking. Albania is Europe’s darkest corner and I hope as most of us Albanian’s hope that our country one day gets a light shining its way!

Enjoy the photos!

This is Tirana’s Beauty

Beauty In The Darkest Corner

May 7th, 2010

On May 5th , 2010 I went to visit my grandpa’s grave. Last time I saw my grandpa I was 14 years old, him and my grandma came to Canada to visit us. My grandpa past away 2 years ago and I was in Canada while my mom and brother were here in Albania. I didn’t get to hug or kiss him one last time nor get to go to the funeral, visiting a loved ones grave is surely since the last time I saw them they were alive, kind of freaked me out. It hits you hard and makes it reality that they are truly gone. I haven’t cried that hard in a long time, it killed me inside. I kissed his photo there, hugged him and talked to him. The hardest part was when we had to leave, I couldn’t. My feet felt like they were nailed to the ground. I wanted to stay there forever.

When I got home I was talking to my grandma, she still feels the pain of my grandpa being gone she said it will never get easier. She said something to me that will never leave me, “Eri I have lost my mother, my father and my siblings and it was painful but nothing has been as painful as losing my husband, my life partner that I’ve experienced everything with, who knew me inside and out. It feels like I’m no longer complete, makes me feel empty and no matter what something will always be missing.

I hope I never have to feel that kind of pain. :(

My Grandpa. Rest In Peace! I love you so much <3

Life Partner

May 4th, 2010

I’ve been in Albania for the past 4 days now and I can not put into words how much I’ve missed my family. My brother Elvis who I hadn’t seen in 7 years and my mother who I hadn’t seen in 6 years. My dearest  grandma who I hadn’t seen since I was 14 years old and my cousins, aunts and uncles since I was 8 years old. Its been great spending time with them all!

Everything looks so different yet all to familiar. Remembering places where I used to play when I was younger, blurry faces clearing up and my mind begins to piece them together. I feel lost when I am out and about, people  looking at me like I do not belong, talking about me thinking I don’t understand them. People are so vulgar and have such animal characteristics here.

Feels weird to see animals roaming the streets eating garbage. Watching kids walk around bare foot on the street looking for food all by themselves, sleeping on the street late at night with no one there to take care of them. I have never felt this kind of sadness like I’ve felt these past few days of witnessing all these things. I used to think my glass was always half empty, this life experience has opened my eyes and shown me that my glass has always been half full!

Its Only Half Full……….

April 22, 2010

So I got published its an Online Magazine FANTASTICSMAG but we all got to start somewhere next step Print Magazines and then VOGUE hehehehe :D

Here is the story Enjoy!

Model: Elizaveta @ Sutherland Models

Stylist: Jamie Rae

Make-up/Hair: Liz Yu